Disability Evaluations

I provide evaluations for the Veterans Adminstration through a contract with QTC, a Leidos Comany.  These evaluations are highly specialized and meet demanding standards of the VA to provide a fair and objective evaluation that can be used by VA C&P evaluators to assist veterans obtain needed benefits in a timely manner.

I provide Disability Evaluations for the Social Security Administration (SSA) through the North Carolina Department of Disability Determination Services (DDS).  These evaluations are similar to IME evaluation.  The issue is always the same in these, does the claimant have a psychiatric disorder that meets the statutory criteria defining "disability". 

I like doing these because I am an advocate of our current and former military personnel with service connected serious psychiatric problems (QTC) and the seriously mentally ill with a disability that prevents gainful employment (DDS), but at the same time I am committed to a rigorously accurate assessment.