Behavioral Health & Consulting Psychology, PLLC is only accepting new patients for Health Psychology services on referral from your health care provider.


Health Psychology

This is a combination of Coaching, Therapy, and (3rd wave) Behavior Analysis designed to assist individuals change behaviors and habits in significant health related areas such as:

Weight Management

There are techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis that have been developed to assist individuals with gaining more self-control.  Self-control is defined in a different way here, which is not the same as "will power", "discipline" or "insight".  Self-control is based on the concept that there are controlling responses and controlled responses.  A Functional Analysis can help determine what behaviors set the occasion for or make other behaviors more likely.  Often if these behaviors can be changed then the target behavior can be changed more effectively.  These techniques always involve figuring out what one can DO to make the desired change, in addition to working on how one thinks about the desired change.  Techniques that rely on will power, discipline, or insight - only work with part of the equation.  The other parts are learning what to do, learning how to make these positive behaviors more likely, and learning how to make self-destructive behaviors less likely.  Then the final step is developing a self-management system that makes these behavior changes actually happen.


Coping with Chronic Pain

This office provides psychotherapy to help you cope with your pain.  The approach will be primarily based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  Please do not misunderstand, I am not suggesting that your pain is not real or that your pain is "all in your head".  There are psychotherapy techniqes that you can use, to help you live a life of meaning and value.  I do not discourage anyone from trying hypnosis or other psychological interventions to directly ameliorate the pain, but since you are looking here, I will assume you have already tried all of that "mumbo jumbo" without success.  (If hypnosis could relieve your pain and allow you to live a productive or meaningful life, you can be sure your medical doctors would have already given that to you.)  

This office can  provide psychological evaluations which are often required by your pain management physician or clinic to clear you for participation.


Managing Chronic Health Problems

This office can also provide psychological evaluations which are sometimes required for you to participate in programs like organ transplantation, indwelling pumps for diabetes or pain management, etc.  Chronic health problems are inherently discouraging, so it may be possible for you to use techniques to help you live the meaningful, productive, and value driven life you desire (even with your chronic health problem.)