Make an Appointment

Please feel free to call 704-706-9218 to find out if this is the right place for you to get what you need.  Your call will be answered by an office staff member during regular business hours when the psychologist is seeing clients or perhaps by Dr. Quinn (or the contracted on-call provider, espcially after typical office hours.) If you are transferred to voicemail, please leave a message so the office can call you right back to answer your question. 

Bariatric Evaluation:  Behavioral Health Psychology is currently accepting patients for Bariatric Evaluations.  We accept mos insurances and will be happy to talk to you about what you can expect for your particular insurance, based on our experience.

Supervision:  If you are a LPCa, LPA (or especially an LPA or LPC-A with the BCBA or an interest in ACT or Behavior Analysis) please contact this office to discuss your supervision needs.

Psychological Evaluations for Developmental Disabilities:  Behavioral Health Psychology is currently accepting a limited number of consumers or clients for psychological evaluaiton.   

Psychotherapy:  Behavioral Health Psychology is NOT currently accepting new clients for Psychotherapy. 

Coaching:   Behavioral Health Psychology is NOT currently accepting new clients for Coaching. 

Applied Behavior Analysis:  If you are seeking these services, please feel free to call to discuss your needs.  This is a special interest of mine, so I am happy to discuss your situation to help you find the right resource.  I work mostly in the local area (North Mecklenburg and the catchment area of Piedmont Behavioral LME).