Behavioral Health & Consulting Psychology is happy to accept all referrals related to evaluation for Bariatric Surgery.  

Please contact the office if you have questions about your health insurance or any other aspects of obtaining the Psychological Evaluation you need to obtain Weight Loss Surgery.


Bariatric Psychological Evaluation

Bariatric Psychological Evaluation:  Most insurances and therefore nearly all bariatric surgeons require a psychological evaluation for a patient to be considered for surgery.  The evaluation generally evaluates the patient's motivation for and reasons for wanting the surgery, the patient's ability to comply with the subsequent diet, the patient's understanding of the risks and realistic benefits, etc.  Behavioral Health typically uses tests like the Millon Behavioral Medicine Diagnostic with bariatric norms, Bariatric Medicine Diagnostic, and several other questionnaires in addition to the clinical interview.  Often patient's assume that getting approved (by whatever means necessary) should be their only goal in participation in the psychological evaluation.  This is not the best strategy.  The best strategy is being honest and open so that the patient and surgeon can make the best clinical decision possible about what the patient needs to be successful at getting to a healthy weight.  A Health Psychology service provided by Behavioral Health is to work with patent prior to surgery to make sure they are positioned to make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity to be the healthy person, "you have always wanted to be", which is the ultimate goal for anyone considering bariatric surgery. 

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