More on Coaching

The most important thing in selecting a Coach is to make sure he or she is a person that you will be comfortable working with and with whom you feel comfortable sharing.  Since most of us grow best when we are challenged, the best Coach may be one that also makes you feel uncomfortable at times.  However, if you feel uncomfortable all the time, this suggests you have not found the right match.  By the same token, unless your Coach provides adequate challenge, you are not going to make progress.

Coaching service delivery can take many different forms.  Some coaches work out of an office and clients make an appointment for a per session fee, just as you might for a similar professional service like an attorney, accountant, ... psychologist, etc.  Some Coaches prefer to provide services in the client's own office, to get a better feel for the working environment that may be a primary focus.  

A common model is one that relies primarily on phone or video appointments using SecureVideo (like Skype only more confidential and secure), supplemented with e-mails, net-meetings, etc.  It can be appropriate and effective when a Coach uses these more flexible technologies.  When these flexible methods are used, it is harder to define a single unit of service.  Therefore, many Coaches use a payment method based on a monthly fee with a contract defining what sorts of interactions, at what frequency can be expected.  Usually, this takes the form of an established telephone (or SecureVideo) contact time, supplemented with other contacts based on the Coaches preferences and style.  

Behavioral Health Coaching is a practice located in Concord, NC (near Charlotte), which provides Coaching and Coaching Assessment.  Coaching may be provided by phone or video meeting using SecureVideo or similar medium OR it may be provided in the office in downtown Concord, NC.  Usually (but not necessarily) the initial contact is a face to face meeting in the office to make sure both participants are able to connect, and then the major work is done through "video conferencing" or "net-meeting" contacts supplimented with email (the common model described above).

There are a number of excellent coaches available on the ICF Charlotte Chapter website. You may decide to work with one of these fine coaches or use Behavioral Health Coaching Assessment and then follow-up with one of these other Coaches.