Coaching or Psychotherapy

Behavioral Health Coaching is a system for personal growth and development that uses psychological science and individualized assessments to help you quickly identify your strengths, personality traits, preferences, and other factors to create a personalized plan for your success.

Behavioral Health Psychology also provides counseling or psychotherapy services in a limited number of areas, primarily health psychology on referral from a physician.  There are some insurances that are accepted for the treatment of medically necessary psychiatric problems.  Please feel free to call to determine if your problem is one that I am best suited to treat and if your insurance will cover that treatment with me.  If I am not the best choice for the treatment of your problem, I will help you find resources to locate another more appropriate therapist or psychologist.

I like Coaching with clients who want to make a change and who are willing to honestly look and themselves and to couragously make changes in their life.  Not everyone is up to that hard work.  If you only want to feel better without doing anything different, this is not the right place for you.


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