Psychological Evaluation

Behavioral Health Psychology provides psychological evaluations only on referral from a physician, psychologist, or a contracted agency.  (Behavioral Health Psychology will only accept requests for psychological evaluation directly from clients when there is involvement of a referring physician.)

Behavioral Health Psychology provides Psychological Evaluations for patients considering Bariatric or other surgery.  These are typically required as part of the standard of care before a surgeon will perform weight loss or some other surgeries.

Another type of Psychological Evaluation is typically used to determine if there are cognitive capacity problems or psychiatric problems that interfere with adaptive functioning.  

Psychological Evaluations of cognitive capacity may evaluate for things like Attention Deficits, Memory Problems, Dementia, Learning Problems, Acquired Cognitive Deficits from Head Injury or Brain Disease, and similar issues.  The tests are selected by the psychologist based on the particular situation.  The tests administered might include things like the Wechsler Scales for Intelligence and Memory, Dementia Rating Scale, Continuous Performance Test, California Verbal Learning Test, etc. 
Psychological evaluations to evaluate psychiatric illness are most often used to help clarify the diagnosis, help formulate the treatment plan, or determine if the psychiatric problems are so severe as to interfere with adaptive function (inability to parent, work, manage money, etc.)  The tests used may include things like the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), Millon personality tests, rating scales from significant others, etc.  Some evaluations may include both capacity and psychiatric tests.
Referrals for psychological evaluation almost always come from a physician, most often a pediatrician, neurologist, surgeion, or psychiatrist.  Sometimes referrals may come from agencies such as Vocational Rehabilitation, Departments of Social Service, or North Carolina Disability Determination Services.

If you think you need a Psychological Evaluation, the best referral to a qualified Psychologist may come from your health insurance plan (if it covers this service), your primary care physician, or from your Public Mental Health Agency.


If you have been referred to Behavioral Health and Consulting Psychology by the NC Department of Disability Determinations Services (NC DDS), please make all contacts directly to the NC DDS.  The NC DDS provides links to other resources that may be appropriate for your questions.  Neither Behavioral Health Coaching nor Behavioral Health and Consulting Psychology can answer questions about any disability related issue. 


BEHAVIORAL HEALTH & CONSULTING PSYCHOLOGY PROVIDES COURT ORDERED OR FORENSIC EVALUATIONS - ONLY WITH THE ADVANCED PAYMENT OF A RETAINER EQUIVALENT TO 2 COURT TESTIMONY DAYS IN ADDITION TO ADVANCED PAYMENT OF ALL FEES FOR SERVICES.  Sometimes individuals are court ordered to obtain a psychological assessment or evaluation.  This evaluation may meet your insurance company's requirements of medical necessity but most likely it will not.  If the court has simply observed that a litigant has a psychiatric problem that meets the criteria discussed elsewhere on this site, then the process may reasonably begin with the litigant's primary care doctor for a referral.  Most often court ordered evaluations do NOT meet medical necessity criteria and are NOT covered by health insurance.  These evaluations are extremely expensive because in addition to providing a psychological assessment or evaluation, the psychologist can expect to testify in court.  There is also additional professional risk involved as there is usually at least one (and often more than one) participant in the litigation who will be unhappy with the outcome of the assessment, evaluation, and testimony. 

You may also try the following link to find another psychologist who performs court ordered and child custody related evaluations:  NC Psychological Association Referral Service.


Forensic Services Fee Schedule

Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) $250.00 per hour.  NO SHOW $250.00

Court appearance:  $2000.00 full day and $1250.00 half day.  Cancellation fee:  $1250.00

Deposition: $500.00 per hour  Cancellation fee:  $500.00

(This Fee Schedule does not apply to NC DDS evaluations.)