Coaching Assessment

Coaching Assessments are used to facilitate the first two steps of the coaching process.  These first two steps are (1) creating self-awareness and (2) discovering and clarifying what the client wants.  Coaching Assessment can accelerate these two prerequisite processes, and in most cases can uncover self-awareness and goals that otherwise would remain hidden.  Coaching Assessment can be used at any time during the process of coaching when a new cycle of increased self-awareness and clarification is warranted.

Participating in a Coaching Assessment is an additional expense that is well worth the investment.  The best Coaching Assessments use objective and validated psychological tests, under the direction of a Psychologist with training and experience in test selection, administration, and interpretation. 

The most appropriate way to use Coaching Assessment is to have an individual coaching session with a qualified Psychologist who can determine the best testing instruments to help achieve the client's goals.  The testing usually focuses on personality, relationships, career preferences, and related issues.  Sometimes tests may involve the measurement of aptitude, performance, or ability, but this is less common in a Coaching Assessment.  Coaching Assessment instruments are typically administered either on-line or on a computer in the Psychologist's office.  Testing usually requires one to two hours, but individual needs could require significantly less or more time.  Following the testing, there should be an individual session to review the testing results with the client to explain the results and to decide what use should be made of the information that has been obtained.