Patrick C. Quinn, PhD, MHA

Licensed Psychologist

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

37 Market St, SW

Concord, NC  28025

Office Phone:  704-706-9218



Thirty-five years of work experience in the application of Behavior Analysis to create clinically significant change in a wide rage of settings and populations.

Special interest and training in behavioral health issues such as Applied Behavior Analysis in Autism and IDD, Behavior Analysis in Health Psychology, Objective Psychological Evaluation, Educational Technology, Single Case Research Designs, and Data Analysis.

Excellent interpersonal skills including the ability to present effectively in person and through computer aided instruction.  I have extensive experience providing supervion to behavioral health providers seeking licence and certification.



North Carolina Licensed Psychologist (1991 to present)

Board Certified Behavior Analyst - Doctoral

MHA,  Master of Health Administration (Public Health)
Pfeiffer University (2008)

PhD,  Doctor of Philosophy - Psychology: Applied Behavior Analysis
Georgia State University (1988)

MA,   Master of Arts - Psychology: Clinical Behavior Therapy
Georgia State University (1983)

BA,   Bachelors of Arts -  - Psychology
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (1973)



Licensed Psychologist and Behavior Analyst  (3/1/13 to the present)

Behavioral Health & Consulting Psychology, 37 Market St SW, Concord, NC  28025

I have a specialized practice providing clinical supervision in Psychology with a Behavior Analysis focus and objective psychological assessment in Health Psychology and Disability.  


Clinical Director of Psychiatric Services (07/08 to 2/28/13)

CMC – NorthEast, 920 Church Street, North, Concord, NC 28025

My role at CMC-NorthEast was primarily administrative.  I oversaw the Behavioral Health programs operated by the hospital.  This gave me the opportunity to use Applied Behavior Analysis, strategic planning, leadership skills, employee development practices, and coaching strategies to improve the performance of professional level behavioral health providers.

    Adjunct Faculty in the Master of Science in Strategic Leadership Program  (09/09 to 05/11)

    Mountain State University, 517 Alcove Rd, Mooresville, NC 28117

In addition to my role as Clinical Director At CMC-NE, I taught in the Master of Science program in Strategic Leadership in the School of Leadership and Professional Development.  This was an opportunity to use my management, leadership, and coaching skills to mentor adult professionals through a coherent and well developed program for the Master's Degree.  The program was a hybrid model of classroom and distance learning using Blackboard and other electronic educational technology.


Psychologist & Clinical Director  (7/99 to 07/08)  

NorthEast Psychiatric & Psychological Institute (NPPI), 380 Copperfield Blvd., Concord, NC 28025

I served as Clinical Director, which involved giving direction to all the other providers in the clinic. NPPI was owned by NorthEast Medical Center (now CMC-NorthEast), a vertically integrated health care provider in the north metro area of Charlotte, NC.  My primary activity was clinical practice, which included adults, adolescents, and families with children - as my theoretical orientation is Behavior Analytic, which is applicable to behavior problems of all sorts.  I conducted hundreds of Psychological Evaluations specifically for clearance for Bariatric Surgery.


Adjunct Faculty in Health Sciences (5/05 to 6/06  

I taught one class per quarter in addition to fulltime practice at NorthEast Psychiatric Services.

Cabarrus College of Health Sciences, Concord, NC

The Cabarrus College of Health Sciences started as the diploma-nursing program for the hospital.  The program grew to include many other health career programs and currently offers Associate and Bachelor’s degrees in areas such as nursing, health administration, occupational therapy assistant, pharmacy (technology) etc.  I taught undergraduate psychology classes in addition to my role as a clinical psychologist at the NorthEast Psychiatric Clinic.  The classes I taught were traditional in format, in which I used PowerPoint and other available technology.  The college had just moved to its new campus and had/has state of the art classrooms and computer facilities. 


Clinic Manager and Adjunct Faculty  (10/04 to 4/05)

I took a leave of absence from my fulltime employment at NorthEast Psychiatric for this opportunity.

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Eberhart Building, UNCG, Greensboro, NC 27402

I had administrative responsibility for the UNCG Psychology Clinic, which serves as the main practicum site for the APA approved program in Clinical Psychology.  I worked full time at the UNCG Psychology Clinic but maintained a part-time clinical practice at NorthEast Psychiatric.  (An interesting aside is that Stephen Hayes, PhD, founded this Clinic when he was briefly on the faculty at UNC-G.  The graduate students were aware of the significance of this more than the then current faculty advisor.  I was able to mentor students in behavioral approaches including ACT and Applied Behavior Analysis.)


Director of Adult Services (Cabarrus)  (1/97 to 7/99)

Piedmont Area Mental Health Center, 1305 Cannon Blvd, Kannapolis, NC and Private Practice in Lake Norman, NC

I had responsibility for all Adult Services including MH Outpatient, SA Outpatient, Crisis/Emergency, Social Setting Detox / Facility Based Crisis, and Case Management.  I supervised a large professional staff of master’s trained therapists and counselors.  I developed utilization review and service authorization systems to assure the correct level and intensity of care for clients.  I developed a computer assisted treatment planning and progress reporting system that improved quality of care.  I used state of the art computer and behavioral technology to improve professional employee effectiveness, which resulted in improved clinical outcomes for clients.  I provided clinical supervision to MH Clinicians based on my Behavior Analysis orientation.  I provided and supervised services to families with Autistic and developmentally challenged family members.

I also had a small clinical / coaching practice in the Lake Norman Area – an upscale suburb of Charlotte, NC, in which clients were mostly very successful in professional and business life, but seeking improved effectiveness and life satisfaction.


Psychologist in Private Practice  (7/94 to 1/97)

University Psychiatric Associates, STE 104, 8320 University Executive Park Dr., Charlotte, NC 28262

I practiced in a very busy private clinic, which had contracts with most of the major Managed Care insurance companies operating in the area.  My caseload consisted primarily of clients with managed care insurance.  I worked with adults, adolescents, families and children in this capacity. Client problems included mental health, substance abuse, and dual diagnosis issues.  One of my special interests was the outpatient treatment in the family setting or individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities using applied behavior analysis.  I also provided consulting to nursing homes on the use of Behavior Analysis and Behavior Modification to assist with behavior disorders in geriatric patients.


Psychologist Community Mental Health  (10/88 to 7/94)

Piedmont Area Mental Health Center, 451 Lake Concord Rd., Concord, NC and Private Practice

I worked full and part-time in the Outpatient Department of the Cabarrus Center providing Behavior Modification and behavior therapy in short term interventions for the treatment of substances use disorders, mental and nervous disorders to families, children and adults.  Frequently treatment was to families and children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities due to my specialization in Behavior Analysis.  I completed two years of post-doctoral supervision as required by the North Carolina Psychology Licensing Act.


Behavior Therapist  (9/86 to 10/88)

BioBehavioral Associates, 2784 N. Decatur Rd., Decatur, GA 30033

I provided Behavior Analysis and behavior therapy in a very general private practice.  Patient problems included depression, anxiety, marital and sexual problems, pain management, alcohol and drug abuse, and other major psychiatric problems.  This was when I began use of biofeedback, using the analogue equipment, which was then state of the art. We also conducted FDA Phase 3 and 4 Drug studies, mostly on antidepressants and anxiolytics.


Behavior Specialist  (9/85 to 9/86)

Georgia Retardation Center, Atlanta, GA 30338-5899

I provided psychological and Behavior Analysis services to developmentally disabled adults and children. I served on the interdisciplinary team and developed and implemented behavior management programs to develop pro-social & adaptive behaviors and to reduce maladaptive behaviors.


Associate Psychologist  (11/83 to 9/85)

Health Research Corporation, Decatur, GA 30032

I used Behavior Analysis to develop health promotion programs including smoking cessation, weight loss, and stress reduction.  Programs used a computer assisted behaviorally oriented evaluation and used instruction in behavioral self-control techniques.  Programs were marketed to major corporations, insurance companies, and other stakeholders in employee health. (While the products we developed were excellent, this company flailed due to other unrelated financial problems.)


Team Leader  (8/76 to 11/83)

Georgia Regional Hospital, Decatur, GA 30034-3898

During this 7-year period, I severed as both associate psychologist and team leader on four inpatient units on the Georgia Regional Hospital -Atlanta campus.  Consumers of these services included individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities, with multiple severe behavioral problems.  Programs were initially licensed as SNF and my first challenge was to provide active habilitation to meet ICF-MR and Joint Commission standards.  I chaired and lead the interdisciplinary team and provided behavior management services.  I supervised two managers and through them, a large direct care staff who implemented behavioral programs to increase adaptive behaviors and to decrease severe maladaptive behaviors using Applied Behavior Analysis.


Behavior Therapist  (8/79 to 8/81,  in addition to the above)

Center for Nutrition and Health, 300 Boulevard NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

During this two-year period, I worked an additional 10 - 20 hours per week developing and managing the behavior modification component of a Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF) weight loss program for morbidly obese patients.  Two surgeons initiated this program.  It was based on experience with surgical procedures such as the gastric bypass (and other techniques), and with high caloric intravenous nutrition during recovery from other surgical procedures. Patients on PSMF with Behavioral Interventions fared as well or better than surgical patients.  (I left this employment to devote more time to my M.A. and Ph.D studies.)


Psychology Technician  (7/74 to 8/76)

Central State Hospital, Milledgeville, GA 31062

I moved from North Carolina  to Georgia for the opportunity to gain experience in the implementation of behavior analysis programs.  I received supervision from the Psychology Department, which was strongly behavior analytic in orientation.  This was an exciting and challenging time.  Services were primarily to Autistic and Developmental disabled consumers.  We provided active habilitation, greatly expanding quality of care and financial support for the hospital.  We were given the opportunity to implement many strategies of behavior analysis including various forms of data collection, token economy, direct interventions, etc.  We eagerly anticipated each new Journal article so we could learn new techniques for dealing the multiple behavioral problems needing amelioration.


Case Worker (12/73 to 7/74)

Caswell County Department of Social Services, Yanceyville, NC 


Full time Graduate Student in Psychology at UNC-G (5/73 to 12/73)