Career Coaching

Career Coaching can be used to further your career whether you are just starting out, looking for a change, or trying to facilitate your advancement to your ultimate career goal.  The only way to advance your career is to achieve results in career related activities.   Developing your ability to achieve results and be productive is the ultimate goal for Career Coaching.

If you are just starting out or looking for a change, a recommended first step is to determine what work activities are a good match for your personality, abilities, talents, capacities, situation, education, etc.  Almost all of these things can be changed or developed, but you must make the cost benefit analysis to determine if what you think you want to do is actually viable.  This can only be accomplished with objective information about you.  For this reason, one of the early steps for individuals just starting out or looking for a change is Coaching Assessment.  If you are far enough along in your own career exploration, you may only wish to use the self-directed tools available from Behavioral Health Coaching.  If you are just starting your exploration or feel some additional direction would be beneficial, you may consider one or more individual coaching sessions as part of your Coaching Assessment.

If you are looking for ways to facilitate your advancement in an already established career, you may consider individual coaching in which you and a coach determine the specific plan of activities that will meet your needs.  This may include assessment, but the focus would be on determining your strengths, weakness, opportunities, barriers, etc. in your current situation.