Fees for Coaching Services

If you have clicked through to this point, you would obviously like to get enough information to help you decide if this is something you have any interest in.  Here is a rough idea of the costs for Coaching Services.

There are two models typically used in Coaching.  The most common for Coaches in the Charlotte area is to charge a monthly fee that includes a certain number of coaching sessions typically conducted by Telecommunications or phone and periodic email or text messaging for answering questions as these arise.  Another model is the familiar fee for an appointment, common in therapy.

Behavioral Health and Consulting Psychology Fees for Coaching:

$350.00 per month (approximately $80.00 per session) to include a weekly set appointment for coaching (in any combination of methods) by SecureVideo, phone or in person at the offices in downtown Concord, NC.  Reasonable email, text messaging, or phone contact is understood to be included.  Reasonable rescheduling is expected, but if you choose to use or not use your appointment(s), the fee is still $350.00/ month.  (If the amount of unscheduled contact by phone, email, or text becomes unreasonable, this would be a subject matter for coaching.   This is because excessive dependence or demands would likely be causing problems in other aspects of your life as well.)

$100.00 per session conducted (in any combination of methods) by SecureVideo, phone or in person.  Future appointments are typically made in advance or at the end of each session based on client need.

The session in which we meet for the first time, is typically in the office or at least by SecureVideo (or other video) to make sure we will be a good match for working together. 

After working together a time, it may be reasonable to formulate a plan for 2 sessions per month on a regular basis for a set monthly fee.  So the typical fee for this would be $175.00 per month.  If you only require one session per month, the simplest method would be to return to a per session basis which would offer maximum flexibility until your needs change (eventually to no longer needing coaching at all.)